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Sports Chiropractic in Chino Hills

chiropractor adjusting persons backWhether you’re a daily CrossFitter, regular runner, or weekend golfer, chiropractic care can yield incredible benefits in terms of performance and function. At Mansour Chiropractic, we help athletes every day be at their athletic best.

Ensuring Proper Joint Function

As an athlete, you need your joints to function at their fullest range, so you can have mobility to perform. “What we do in the office is ensure joints are functioning at their highest peak level by diagnosing any ligament injuries that may be interfering in joint function,” said Dr. Mansour.
We find that athletes who see us not only feel better, but also perform much better on the field, court, etc. This is why most high performance athletes, such as Tiger Woods, have a chiropractor, to get that extra competitive edge, in addition to everything else.

Helping Prevent Injuries

Ligament damage occurs in most joint injuries, so the ligaments on those joints become less flexible and weaker. That’s why you see athletes always wearing a brace after they’ve had an injury.

Even after the injury has healed, that joint is weaker. As a result, we keep that joint mobile, minimizing any chances of future injuries while they’re playing, but also increasing their performance.

Keeping motion in the joints also allows the body to adapt, which is critical for athletes. They have to adapt to every sports scenario (e.g. every pivot, move, shot, etc.). If a joint isn’t functioning properly, the body can’t adapt to the movements as quickly as it should, thereby reducing performance. That’s where chiropractic can help.

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Extremity Adjusting

Chiropractors adjust more than the back and neck. We also do extremity adjusting depending on what sport is played. For example, a patient could have an impingement on the joint of the shoulders, elbows, or wrists. Basketball, baseball and football players often experience such impingement.

Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and weakness in the muscles, which is a huge problem for athletes, as they need to be at their best-at their top strength when they play. Extremity adjustments help maintain that nerve flow throughout the extremities. In our office, we commonly adjust shoulders and wrists.

Help for Concussions

Given how many athletes engage in contact sports, it’s not surprising that we see many patients with concussions. It’s critical to get the upper cervical adjusted after a concussion, because it increases the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) that wraps around your spinal cord and goes up your brain. CSF brings nutrients to your brain and detoxes your brain simultaneously. If you get a concussion, that CSF flow is slowed down.

The adjustment improves the CSF flow and helps bring the nutrients to the brain to heal it, which minimizes CTE in the later years. If you’ve had a concussion, it’s important to keep getting adjustments going forward.

Maintaining a maintenance schedule to maintain those joints injured from the whiplash that occurs from the CTE or whatever trauma is 100% necessary.


How is sports chiropractic different than regular chiropractic?

At Mansour Chiropractic, we incorporate a variety of specific techniques for athletes that can help them achieve peak performance. We’re happy to talk about the specifics with you when you book a visit.

Can regular care improve my golf game?

Regular chiropractic care may increase mobility in your joints, which in turn should improve athletic performance.

Does chiropractic help with sprains? How?

Yes, chiropractic care may help with common injuries like sprains. Adjustments can help take pressure off of the ligaments so they’re able to heal quicker.

Why are so many professional athletes raving about chiropractors?

Many professional sports teams have team chiropractors that work with them. That’s because adjustments help athletes function to the best of their ability.

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